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Data Hub Central makes it easy to run the flows and steps that you configure in order to load and curate your data. You can easily do this using the Hub Central interface, as well as using other tools and connectors like Gradle, Apache NiFi, Apache Spark, Mulesoft and AWS Glue.
Data Hub Central is the user interface for MarkLogic Data Hub. It provides a role-based, no-code/low-code user experience for agile teams to collaborate in the data integration process. Take a tour.
Watch a demo of how MarkLogic extension for Visual Studio Code can be used to debug a custom step in Data Hub Framework. Visual Studio Marketplace link: | Source of data used in the demo: | How to setup debugging configurations for MarkLogic extension for Visual Studio Code:
In this video, David provides a step-by-step guide to installing Envision. Envision for MarkLogic Data Hub is a suite of applications that provides graphical data modeling and exploration of your MarkLogic Data Hub. More information is provided at
With COVID-19, companies globally are facing unprecedented disruption to their business and operations. Organizations are experiencing shocks to both supply and demand, with customer habits changing forever as a result. Building a 360-degree view of key processes such as customers and orders is critical to help organizations deliver on the accelerated digital transformation that is […]
Projects that involve data integration frequently require connecting to and extracting data from complex sources of information, including business applications of all kinds. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform provides connectivity to a broad range of data sources and business applications. MarkLogic provides a flexible Data Hub platform to store, curate, and access data from all those connections. […]
Making sense of the data generated from geospatial technology can be overwhelming. In this interview with Tim Murphy of Esri at MarkLogic World 2019, he explains how Esri’s ArcGIS and MarkLogic’s Data Hub help to gain insights from your GIS, not spend time wrangling data. Tim explains how this partnership allows users to optimize geospatial […]
Every organization wants to get into production quickly with as little risk as possible. To achieve that goal, the team at Aetna created a MarkLogic Center of Excellence, which aided the development of repeatable frameworks that provide a standard, efficient way of getting data in and out of MarkLogic. In this session, we’ll go into […]