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Everything From Data Tips and NoSQL Best Practices to Industry Specific Insights was the most mission-critical project in the history of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and MarkLogic’s technology and team produced results.
The platform provides the Navy with a simple, cost-effective way to integrate unstructured data and secure intelligence advantage.
Innovation in pharma today means faster ‘time to insight’. However, trying to innovate with disconnected, fragmented data is slow, costly and frustrating—for both pharma companies and patients. In this paper, industry leaders weigh in on what’s preventing pharma companies from escaping data silos and a new way forward.
The MarkLogic Data Hub provides the DoD and IC with an agile way of securely integrating complex data to advance the mission. Learn how.
The MarkLogic Data Hub for Logistics Management provides a more complete operational view to make data-based decisions about material assets and personnel resources.
MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, combined with the MarkLogic Data Hub Platform, helps organizations connect applications, devices, and data from any source – and curate and govern the data throughout the process.
MarkLogic World 2019: Learn how DTIC has consolidated its data repositories, search engines, and security system into a single source for the DoD community.
規制違反により多大な罰金や訴訟が起こりうる現代において、データベースは中心的な「SoR(System of Record)」の役割を担うべきです。しかし従来のデータベースでは、過去の履歴を完全に記録できません。過去を完全かつ正確に把握できるのは、バイテンポラル機能を持つデータベースだけです。これにより「何を知っていたのか」および「いつ知ったのか」がはっきりわかります。
Take a deep look at how MarkLogic achieves breakthrough high performance, including examples from over a decade of experience.
Expert guidelines for performance testing with MarkLogic based on best practices for running large-scale systems.