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Everything From Data Tips and NoSQL Best Practices to Industry Specific Insights

Data Hub Central makes it easy to create and manage the data model for key business objects, or entities. With MarkLogic you add this model to your project in short iterations in order to deliver on requirements that the business needs to have met right now. You will learn to create an entity model, define […]
Data Hub Central makes it easy to curate your data in an iterative and agile way. The process of data curation is designed to make it faster for teams to integrate data by enabling them to easily map diverse sources of data to entity models and to master that data by intelligently identifying and merging […]
Data Hub Central is the user interface for MarkLogic Data Hub. It provides a role-based, no-code/low-code user experience for agile teams to collaborate in the data integration process. Take a tour.
Yesterday’s technology has failed to provide an architecture robust and agile enough to power today’s post-trade lifecycle. A legacy trade architecture houses many data silos, resulting in sub-optimal data governance and leading to many downstream application issues. For investment banks and asset management firms, a trade data hub for post-trade data management enables faster data […]
MarkLogic’s Data Hub platform provides data experts with all of the functionality required to simplify and accelerate integration of complex datasets. In this 15-minute video, David Kaaret, MarkLogic solutions engineer for financial services, provides a demonstration using derivatives data. View the video to see how easy the MarkLogic platform makes the process for integrating and […]
Do you like to use visually oriented tools for data integration? Here’s an introduction to Envision, our new community data modeling tool.
Youssoupha Diop, CTO Aeroline at Sopra Steria France, and MarkLogic’s Pierre Vaidie discuss the Sopra Steria Aeroline division and its relationship with MarkLogic. He shares some detail about the Bill Of Material Management (BOM) project which is currently ongoing at a leading manufacturer in France. Topics such as “what is a Bill Of Material”, the […]
In this interview Bruno Ryckman of CGI France talks about the specific and added value of the MarkLogic Data Hub to their customer projects. He addresses topics like data quality, data security, data governance and shows how CGI uses these capabilities and the Data Hub architecture with real customer project illustrations.
Get a quick demo of MarkLogic Data Hub’s approach to model-driven mapping, a new capability in Data Hub 5.1 that works within the QuickStart UI.
In this video you will get an overview of some of the key principles of the MarkLogic Data Hub Software. You will see it in action as it is used to ingest, curate, and harmonize data, then create new data services to solve a real business need.