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Fully Automated Cloud Service

MarkLogic Data Hub Service allows you to focus on your business and leave database infrastructure and operations to the experts at MarkLogic. This means agile teams can immediately start integrating data and building apps while also reducing infrastructure and personnel risk.

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Data Hub Automation


There’s no lag time to get infrastructure up and running. The service does it automatically. With a high level of abstraction between application development and infrastructure, developers get going faster and operations run smoother.

Predictable Pricing


Pay only for what you need. As a subscription service, you can start small, and auto-scale based on demand. Even better, spikes in demand don’t cause spikes in cost. MarkLogic’s elastic cloud credit pricing keeps costs consistent and predictable.

Cloud Reliability


With security, governance, and transactional consistency, MarkLogic Data Hub Service is for mission-critical systems. It is designed and managed by the same engineering team that built the underlying, enterprise-grade MarkLogic database.

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