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Multi-model database representation

Multi-model databases provide an elegant solution to the challenge of managing heterogeneous data. In contrast to polyglot persistence, where an application integrates multiple database models, a multi-model database naturally supports multiple data models in their native form using a single, integrated backend. Whereas polyglot persistence results in data silos and multiple interfaces that require complex integration workflows, a multi-model database facilitates integrated data and provides a unified interface for data consistency, security, and access.

Just imagine the simplicity your data architecture gains by modeling entities (like patient’s medical record) using the right mix of data models in a multi-model database vs. using polyglot persistence, which will require orchestrating various services by applications to maintain data consistency and security for end-user consumption.

Do More with Multi-Model MarkLogic Server

MarkLogic Server is a multi-model database that combines the benefits of document, semantic graph, geospatial, and relational models into a single, scalable, high-performance operational database. It provides native storage for JSON, XML, text, RDF triples, geospatial, and binaries (e.g., PDFs, images, videos) with a unified search and query interface. Hence, you get the flexibility to choose the right mix of data models for your use-case without sacrificing data consistency. For example, you can build a reliable 360 view of your business entities (like customers etc.) to enable multiple use cases (like loyalty programs, personalization etc.).

Three ways to represent a person: a document, RDF triples, and relational view
In the illustration, you see a document describing a person: Jen, and some triples that describe facts and relationships about Jen. And, if you wanted to represent Jen in a relational view, you can do that too.
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