Everything From Data Tips and NoSQL Best Practices to Industry Specific Insights

MarkLogic offers multi-model technology to integrate data silos facing traditional financial giants and is flexible enough to adapt to an evolving regulatory landscape.
Infographic: Just a few years ago, health systems were generally operated as revenue centers—the more patients seen, the more money made. But, in today’s reality of outcomes-based reimbursement, hospitals must be run as cost centers—ensuring their margins by eliminating inefficiencies and waste that contribute to hospital readmissions, reduced reimbursement and costly penalties. The remedy lies in a flexible data strategy ...
Open Source Lösungen sind heute fester Bestandteil vieler IT Abteilungen. Aufgrund welcher Kiterien setzen Sie Open Source oder Enterprise Lösungen ein? In diesem Artikel erfahren Sie, auf was Sie bei Ihrer Entscheidung achten sollten.
MarkLogic talks about the improved agility we enable for our customer – speeding up time to market for new products, as well as making it easier for organizations to adjust to changes in their business requirements. But can it be proven?
As healthcare transitions to the world of risk-based reimbursement, measuring data is crucial to ensuring quality of care. Watch the video to learn more about the vital role of data in patient health outcomes.
Recent global research by MIT's Sloan Center for Information Systems Research found that firms that "share business technology across units and departments grow faster and have lower costs than rivals that don't do it as much. By taking advantage of what they already do well, these firms can devote more energy to real innovations." And this is exactly what insurance companies are struggling with – bringing new products to market and catching up with digitally-demanding consumers.

MarkLogic has become the virtual standard for NoSQL databases in the world's leading financial institutions and it’s why well over 50% of our business comes from completing projects that were started on and failed on Oracle.
Gone are the days of single app databases. As MarkLogic product manager Justin Makeig says, "Applications are ephemeral—data is forever."
There has never been a more important time for trusted valuable content and data, but there has also never been more disruption and uncertainty in the media industry. Here are the key strategies leading media organizations are taking to make the most of their valuable content and data and weather the many unexpected changes.
The murky landscape of NoSQL is starting to clear -- and the emergent victors are those that handle multiple models natively regardless of the number of data silos. Oracle's base is showing stress fractures as MarkLogic is becoming the platform for those with complex data integration problems.
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