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Ever-increasing regulatory burdens have put a growing strain on technology and the business side. Here’s how financial services firms can regulatory needs in a timely and cost effective manner -- while remaining competitive.
March 28, 2017
Sie erfahren, welche Fallstricke sich bei der Entscheidung für einen Claud beachten sollten. Wie z. B. die Verhandelbarkeit der Preise, welches Know-how verlieren Sie, wie einfach ist der Wechsel zu einem andern Cloud Anbieter etc.
Today’s CISO needs to take a page from national defense agencies -- and build an all-source threat management platform, and lock data down at the most granular level, to safeguard against internal threats as well as external threats. Find out how you can do this.
MarkLogic 9, now in Beta, is our most ambitious release ever. It makes “The Best Database for Integrating Data from Silos” more powerful, more secure, and more manageable. You can begin testing by joining the Early Access program. This Beta release is the result of a massive R&D effort — which brings features for data […]
Insurance companies gain competitive advantages when they use a golden record; a single, congruent view of customers to manage customer, risk and operations data. Find out how.
As you read this, hackers are tirelessly searching and probing for vulnerabilities in the networks of healthcare organizations of all sizes. Their objective is a simple one: to acquire the protected health information (PHI) of patients and consumers. The theft of PHI jeopardizes the integrity of your organization and the privacy, reputation, and identity of your consumers. Is your business safe from cyber attack?
XML is coursing through every organization. FpML, FixML, XBRL, IDC10, PCXML, UBL, Microsoft's OOXML -- whatever the flavor XML, you probably have it. And that's a really good thing. Find out why.
MarkLogic World 2017 presents a variety of educational and networking opportunities aimed to empower business and technical leaders to gain the most return on their MarkLogic technology investments—and the most value from their data. Join us to learn how to integrate your data better, faster and with less cost than you might think. Your data deserves better—and so do you.
Evidence continues to build that today’s data challenges – and tomorrow’s – will not be solved with yesterday’s solutions – traditional relational databases. And Hadoop is not enough. Find out why.
Data privacy laws allow customers to demand their personal data be erased. But when data is scattered in endless organizational silos -- how do you know data that should be gone is really gone?
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