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NoSQL Wonderland

Walking in NoSQL Wonderland

This was the first, and perhaps only, song by The MarkLogic Acapella singers, first performed on December 16, 2014  at Valbella in New York CIty.  Written by Eric Kaplan. Sung to the tune of “Winter Wonderland.”

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Sequel code
Are you listening?
In the lab
Coders bristling
We’re happy tonight,
A beautiful sight
Walking in NoSQL Wonderland

Gone away, is the schema
Here today, we are dreamers
We sing a love song,
As we go along
Walking in NoSQL wonderland

In the meadow we can build an index
Geo-spatial, RDF and more
I’ll say are you harried, you’ll say no man
Cause I can do the job of many more

Later on
We’ll Remarkle
As we sit and we SPARQL
MarkLogic Version 8

In Gartner it will rate
Walking in NoSQL wonderland

When it ships
Ain’t it thrilling
Oracle we are killing
We’ll frolic and we’ll play

MarkLogical we’ll say …

Walking in NoSQL Wonderland

Walking in NoSQL Wonderland

Walking in NoSQL Wonderland (slower)

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