Matt with the trophy bucks in our Tysons Corner office

Matt with (cardboard) trophy bucks in our Tysons Corner office

Meet Matt Allen, a product marketing manager who recently joined MarkLogic and is based in our Washington, DC office. Matt has already jumped into writing white papers, meeting with product managers, and prepping for MarkLogic World 2014, but he took the time to sit down with us for a few minutes to share a bit about his background and first impressions.

What Brought You to MarkLogic?
Well, first, the product is awesome. Right now MarkLogic is truly the only Enterprise NoSQL database on the market. So, the opportunity to come in and help broadcast that message is great. That MarkLogic’s founder, Christopher Lindblad, is still here and still writing code testifies to the belief in the strength of the product.

Second, MarkLogic is past the startup phase. Don’t get me wrong, we have a wall of cardboard trophy bucks on the wall and company-wide discussions boards for detailed engineering issues. Our leadership is fully engaged and our culture is still much like that of a startup. But, MarkLogic is also a proven technology—in terms of revenue, client-base, and reputation.

Third, MarkLogic’s future is incredibly promising. This is something that I really learned more about during our Sales Kickoff (which was my first week on the job). I quickly learned how quickly the company is dramatically growing and changing every day (a fact also emphasized by both two of our kickoff speakers, CEO Gary Bloom, and Gartner Analyst Merv Adrian — who writes extensively on the database market).

What Did You Do Before MarkLogic?
Prior to MarkLogic, I was a consultant. I worked with Booz Allen Hamilton and Ernst & Young, primarily focused on supporting healthcare clients. Consulting is a great place to get started in business and learn a lot, but I’m happier helping build a company rather than advising one.

One Thing You’ve Always Wanted To Try?
I love to travel and I’ve never been to Patagonia. I really want to go rent a BMW GS1200 and have a touring adventure through the Andes. Anyone want to join?

Something Most People Don’t Know?
In my free time, I’m an artist. I paint large oil paintings and had a show at Sotheby’s in DC in October this past year. Please check out my work at

One of the paintings Matt sold through Sotheby's

One of the paintings Matt sold through Sotheby’s


Personal Mantra?
I sort of adopted my grandfather’s saying, “If that doesn’t light your fire, then your wood’s wet”—helps if you say it with a tidewater accent.

Favorite TV Show?
I just watched Episode 5 of True Detective. It was probably the one best single episode of TV I’ve seen in the past year. But really, it’s just keeping my occupied until Game of Thrones starts up again this Spring.

Twitter handle?

Well @heymattallen we’re glad you joined us! Look for Matt’s musings on this blog.

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