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MarkLogic World London: The Future of Data Is Now

MarkLogic World London

is almost upon us and we’re anticipating this year’s event to be an exciting occasion to learn from industry leaders on the frontlines of complex data integration. Designed to help you leverage your data projects to achieve competitive advantage, this event provides a unique and valuable opportunity to learn from the data challenges taken on and won by some of the world’s most distinguished organizations.

From BBC to Intel, to KPMG and OECD, MarkLogic World London features an inspiring roster of future-ready organizations coming together to share best practices and insightful lessons learned around leveraging enterprise data to advance business goals.

Clear Your Path to Data Innovation
Since 2001, MarkLogic has worked tirelessly to deliver a flexible database technology platform that enables our customers to extract more value from all of their data. So, you won’t want to miss MarkLogic World’s illustrious mix of customers and partners joining together to answer your questions on complex data integration.

Leverage Your Data to Greater Advantage
From hands-on workshops to technical sessions and MLU Classes, MarkLogic World presents a variety of educational offerings developed to ensure both business and technical leaders gain the most return on their MarkLogic technology investments.

Session Highlights

Customer Panel: New Tools for Information Providers

Want to learn how to get more value out of your publishing content? You won’t want to miss out on this lively panel discussion as MarkLogic’s own industry expert, Matt Turner joins Toby Green of OECD, Graham Digby of LexisNexis, and Georges Sawaya and Didier Chevalier of L’Argus de la Presse as they discuss redefining the value of content and the role of the publisher – and the future of information delivery.

Deutsche Bank: Disruptive Technologies in Banking
Join us as Sajindra Jayasena of Deutsche Bank and Chris Atkinson of MarkLogic discuss organizational approaches to change and the role of disruptive technologies in that transformation. In this personal interview, Deutsche Bank will discuss the challenges it faced in the past few years that led it to rethink its approach to IT, and how they have succeeded in their efforts to move faster and act smarter. Hear the full the story of how and why Deutsche Bank built an operational trade store on MarkLogic.

Registration Information

MarkLogic World London 2016

June 13-15
The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL
United Kingdom
Tel. +44 20 7344 5479

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I hope to see you soon at MarkLogic World London. Together we’ll make this an edifying and high-impact event!

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