Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary

In case you missed MarkLogic World 2019, our free event where hundreds of architects, developers, administrators and business leaders engage and learn about how to simplify data integration and build innovative applications, here are a few highlights from our Chief Strategy Officer for the Public Sector, Brigham Bechtel.

Keynote Address: Gary Bloom, President

The improvements to MarkLogic that Gary Bloom shared during his keynote address were exciting. We recently rolled out MarkLogic 10, which supports AI and Machine Learning. This is a hot topic across industries, and it’s particularly interesting when framed from a public-sector perspective.

Four-Star Management Strategy: General Stanley McChrystal

It was an honor to introduce General Stanley McChrystal this year at MarkLogic World. During his keynote, he discussed the importance of leadership based on intelligence and data and not emotion. To illustrate his point, General McChrystal used the example of the fire marshal who led the effort to save Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris when a structure fire broke out beneath the roof. Using the information that he had on hand regarding the nature of the fire and what was at risk, the fire marshal made a key judgment call to focus on saving the most valuable and vulnerable items held within the cathedral from destruction. As a result, a team was made to remove priceless relics from inside the building versus focusing those resources on saving the building itself.

Netherlands Public Sector: Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Military

From customer and attendee conversations across government in intelligence, defense and security enterprises as well as civilian agencies, we heard that there is a need for off-the-shelf solutions that support IT modernization and moving to the cloud coinciding with more support for AI and automated solutions. All governments are wrestling with cost, speed of deployment and support to AI while maintaining security.

In Europe, we’re seeing the importance of privacy—the protection of private information and civil rights linked to the use of data by government organizations.

Security Lunch Roundtable

During my presentation with Rangan Doreswamy about how security is built into MarkLogic, we received quite a few questions about the mechanics of security maintenance. A significant takeaway from the discussion was that people expect best-in-class security. The attendees came in with the expectation that we were providing the highest level of security possible, which led to questions focused on the mechanics behind the security. This a conversation that we are always happy to discuss because we deliver—security is built into MarkLogic.

Learn more about the newly released MarkLogic 10 and its capabilities, including Machine Learning, that was announced at MarkLogic World 2019, from our Executive Vice President of Products, Joe Pasqua.

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