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MarkLogic World 2018 – Visions of Data Hubs

‘Tis the Season!

Can you believe it’s MarkLogic World time already? There’s a feeling of joy and goodwill in the air. MLW-themed merchandise has hit the store shelves. Customers everywhere are putting out MLW decorations, while visions of Data Hubs dance in their heads (yes, this really happens – well at least the visions do).

Last year, YOU – our customers and partners – turned out in droves to our worldwide events. Some of you may even recall that for our North America event in Chicago we exceeded registration, as more than a few locals decided to bring some friends along. This year expect it to be just as crowded.

Why is that you ask?

Technical Content Galore

We use your feedback to raise the bar each year – and so this year we have:

  • Even more technical content this year than in prior years, including more training and in-depth hands-on experiences.
  • More customer speakers this year than ever before because, well, there’s more for you to share. Hear folks like Robert Maxwell explain how Sony handled its Mainframe Migration, Allen Muller describe Eaton’s journey from a data lake to a data hub, Northern Trust’s Maureen Penzenik provide tips on shifting the mindset from relational to multi-model, or Cisco’s Rajesh Chandrasekhar and Anu Kothari provide tips on how to create a modern hub for information delivery. And that’s just a few of the many presenters.
  • Industry-specific lunchtime roundtables for even more customer-to-customer interaction. In a relaxed setting, you’ll meet and share experiences with peers in your industry.
  • For all you hotshot developers out there, we’ve included a hackathon this year. If you’ve always wanted to show off how well and how quickly you can integrate data from silos, this is the event for you. And if you are new, this is a chance to “code with the stars.”
  • New this year the Developers Lounge – where all the Hackathon action will be, as well as where you will find MarkLogic gurus offering tips and best practices.
  • We’ll also have our typical lineup of dynamic MarkLogic speakers including Gary Bloom, Joe Pasqua, David Gorbet and yours truly. This is all in addition to the great presenters in our sessions throughout the week.
  • And of course there’s the fireside chat with MarkLogic’s founder, Christopher Lindblad, which never fails to be memorable.

Geoffrey Moore

Oh and speaking of speakers, we’ve got a little surprise this year for you. While part of me wants to keep it a surprise until the actual event, I can’t help but to let it out now. This year, Geoffrey Moore will be our day-two, keynote speaker. Many of you may know him as the best-selling author of Crossing the Chasm.

Most recently he has written Zone to Win and has also been weighing in on a wider range of topics, including technology and data architecture In many ways, this is not a surprise, as businesses large and small look for guidance navigating an ever-changing data economy.  Many of you have crossed your own technology chasms. As such, we couldn’t think of a better gift for you than to have Geoffrey Moore live at MLW. Think of it as our way of wishing you a Happy and Merry MarkLogic World.

So, if you haven’t registered yet, now is the time! Put together your MLW wish-list, make your travel plans, and tell your friends. Before you know it, the MLW festivities will be in full swing!

Until then, I would like to wish you and yours a very safe and happy MarkLogic World 2018.

See you there!


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