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MarkLogic World ’16 Brings Real Value to Business and Tech Leaders Alike

In my recent blog post, Five Great Reasons for Developers to Attend MarkLogic World in May, I outlined my top five conclusions on why developers should attend MarkLogic World in San Francisco this year. I’ve recapped a few here — and added why business leaders should join too.

Learn a Lot

From hands-on workshops to technical sessions and MLU Classes, MarkLogic World presents a variety of educational offerings for you to choose from. Whether it’s interactive training with the experts, guided exercises or in-depth explorations into data modeling, geospatial and semantics – we aim to create four days of edifying experiences with a versatile agenda developed to offer something for everybody – regardless of experience or interests.

Engage With Experts

MarkLogic World is attended by members of our Engineering, QA, and Product Management teams. Who better to gain ideas from than the people who built MarkLogic? You can also schedule 1:1 appointments with our experts – no question too big or too small.

Join a Community

You want to be the go-to expert at your company. MarkLogic World presents a valuable opportunity for you to interact with and learn from the knowledgeable peers you’ve engaged with on Stack Overflow and our email lists.

Why Business Leaders Should Join Us

Ever wonder what other companies are developing on MarkLogic … or, how they achieve maximum returns on their database technology investments … and what level of effort is required to do so? Turns out you’re not alone. Business leaders from across the spectrum ask us time and again for useful tips on how to jumpstart their data projects with their best foot forward.

Whether you’re interested in simplifying the integration of all types of data across silos, cloud development or even challenges stemming from data security and regulatory compliance issues, business leaders from every industry will want to attend MarkLogic World to learn best practices and new insights for leveraging all of their data to reach their business goals.

From discussing the latest breakthroughs in new generation database technology to the business drivers behind them, we work hard to fill MarkLogic World with valuable content that will make our customers and partners more successful. Further, as this year’s San Francisco conference is the only U.S.-based event scheduled for 2016, MarkLogic World also offers a rare opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in big data.

Plus, unlike other annual database technology events that can cost upwards of a few thousand dollars to attend – MarkLogic World 2016 is free.*

MarkLogic World 2016
Park Central Hotel, San Francisco
May 9-12
Register Today
*Get in FREE with promo code: MLWSOCIAL
I look forward to seeing you there!

Please note, though MarkLogic World San Francisco will be our premier in-depth event, we will also have events in Tokyo (June 2) and in London (June 13-15).

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