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MarkLogic Secures $102M in Funding

Today I am pleased to announce that MarkLogic has closed a new funding round of $102 million. We took advantage of our multi-year technology lead in the next generation database market to opportunistically raise capital to further fuel our company’s growth. The vote of confidence we’ve gotten from our investors furthers my view that the enterprise database industry has entered into a new era – one that is changing the way organizations think about, manage and use their data.

Gary Bloom Keynote

The shift I see taking place in the market today is very similar to the shift that I saw in the mid 80’s, the start of my time at Oracle. Enterprises were starting to shift away from hierarchical mainframe databases to relational databases in order to gain greater accessibility to data while ensuring that their data was secure and consistent. Today, enterprise IT is looking to respond to the needs of the business with fast and agile solutions to take advantage of all their data–without compromising on enterprise capabilities like security or data resiliency. MarkLogic is unique in the market as the only NoSQL database that was designed for the enterprise data center from day one. It has been hardened and proven with over a decade of successful mission critical implementations, and we’re looking forward to many more years of positive customer outcomes as our customers embrace this technology transition for the betterment of their business.

The capital we have secured will help fund our go-to-market activities, enable further growth into new geographies and market segments, and continue to expand MarkLogic’s footprint within existing customer and partner’s technology portfolios. With the additional funding in place, we begin a new journey – a journey to own the new generation database market. As a company, we will intensify our focus and ensure we meet our investment goals, while furthering our technology leadership and exceeding customer and market expectations, as we have done consistently for years.

With the most mature and modern technology in our market, a proven business model, and sharp, disciplined talent, MarkLogic stands alone amongst all the NoSQL vendors. This is an exciting time for the company, our partners and our customers. Each day we discover new use cases for our NoSQL platform and as we continue to add innovative features like Semantics and Bitemporal I’m confident we will uncover even more.

I hope that you’ll have a chance to join us for one of our MarkLogic World tour events or our free MarkLogic University courses so you, too, can begin to reimagine how you manage, use and benefit from data.

Chief Executive Officer

Calling upon his extensive executive experience at Oracle and Veritas, Gary Bloom leads MarkLogic as the preeminent NoSQL database for the Enterprise. During his 14-year tenure as an executive at Oracle, Gary helped organizations make the generational shift from mainframe to relational technology.

Likewise, as CEO of MarkLogic, he is driving another industry shift by spearheading solutions to the global challenge of aggregating and managing data from disparate sources and transforming that data into valuable information. Gary is a highly respected thought leader who influences organizations to reimagine how data can and will change the future of business and application development.

Prior to MarkLogic, Gary was CEO and president at eMeter, which was acquired by Siemens Corporation. Before that, he was a consultant of TPG, a leading global private investment firm. Gary was also the vice chair and president of Symantec Corporation, where he led the company’s line of business organizations and the company’s corporate development efforts. He had joined Symantec through the company’s merger with Veritas Software where he was the chairman and CEO. Before joining Veritas, Gary held senior executive positions at Oracle. During this time, Gary led Oracle’s database business, worldwide marketing,support, education, and alliance organizations, and was responsible for mergers and acquisitions.

Gary earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.

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