Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary

In the evolving database industry, we are all aware of the ongoing need for flexibility, agility and ease-of-use that developers and software engineers need to build the apps and solutions of tomorrow.

We’ve kept this in mind through each iteration of our leading NoSQL database platform, and this year as the annual DeveloperWeek arrives in the Bay Area, we are honored to be recognized again for our efforts.

At this year’s event, MarkLogic 9 will receive a 2018 DEVIES award in the Enterprise Solutions category.

MarkLogic developers often find themselves solving challenging data problems using innovative ideas and solutions that no other technology has successfully tackled in the same way before.

They don’t often reach into their pockets looking for traditional tools. Instead developers rely on a supportive developer community, focused on improved usability to share resources for comprehensive training, detailed documentation, and core tools.

For instance, the Data Hub Framework started its life in the field, but evolved into a reusable, robust, flexible tool based on the input of the developer community. Both the developer community and the MarkLogic organization adopted this tool by developing numerous resources for this tool including detailed documentation, a quick start GUI and tutorial, a training workshop, and an on-demand tutorial.

As this is our second year in a row to receive this award (we received a 2017 DEVIES award for Data Dev Tools), we wanted to take particular notice of the features that improve data integration, security, and manageability:

  • The Optic API was designed for developers and gives developers a fluent interface to query all of their data with the flexibility multiple supported languages. It makes it possible to do efficient joins and aggregates over documents. Developers benefit from the simplicity of a unified query interface and efficient in-database processing.
  • Template Driven Extraction (TDE) gives developers a way to define which parts of documents make up rows in a view and quickly and easily query across diverse and differing data models without having to manipulate the actual data sources in order to do so.

With the pace that the world produces and consumes data today, the need for data integration can only grow. Enterprises will find themselves needing new applications that span their business data, and MarkLogic developers will find themselves best suited to build these applications.

We’re thrilled to join the developer community at DeveloperWeek and hear more discussions on topics that matter to developers in the field, look at how they are using the technology, and deliver on features and tools that make what they do faster and easier.

For more on MarkLogic 9, go here. If you want to dive in and get hands on, start with MarkLogic Fundamentals, our free introductory course.

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