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MarkLogic Partner Awards 2014: Part 2

This week I had the pleasure of travelling to London for the second leg of our MarkLogic Partner Summit. All of our partners are critical and being a part of this week’s conference only reinforced the remarkable momentum that’s taking place across the globe. Over a hundred attendees came to hear about MarkLogic’s partner strategy and to meet with our executives, employees and other partners.

At this event, we awarded three of our partners with a Partner Excellence Award:


A flexible IT Service Provider in the field of digital business, EBCONT’s highly innovative approach is solution and market-oriented. Within the past three years, the alliance has blossomed and EBCONT has opened several strategic new account opportunities with MarkLogic in DACH (such as Media, Financial, Government and Logistics). They have also opened a brand new territory and vertical with MarkLogic. For these reasons and more EBCONT is being awarded this year’s Partner Excellence Award.


A complementary technology OEM alliance was established almost one year ago between MarkLogic and Zavango. Zavango is developing a highly modular content management and learning solution that allows organizations to capture, manage and deploy organizational. For its next generation solution, Zavango has chosen to run on the ML8 Platform. This application is designed to run on the full functionality of the ML8 platform, taking advantage of our semantics, bi-temporal and ease of use capabilities. Zavango’s first modules include interactive video and its knowledge and experience platform, Cultivate. The company’s use of the ML8 platform and design-to-market is the reason they have been chosen for this year’s prestigious Partner Excellence Award.


A company built upon a number of core activities – DIKW provides high quality service offerings that include consultancy, training and managed services. Clients of DIKW want to make data-driven decisions on a strategic and tactical level. The name DIKW comes from the Data to Information to Knowledge and Wisdom paradigm. DIKW chose MarkLogic to supplement and complement its existing Business Intelligence expertise and to provide an innovative database platform with effective search for its clients. DIKW’s commitment to MarkLogic – in terms of staff training (currently 14) and MarkLogic World promotion – has been exceptional. Further, we have recently won a strategic account with DIKW in the Netherlands and three additional prospects have made great progress towards becoming MarkLogic customers. For all of these reasons, we have the pleasure of awarding DIKW with a Partner Excellence Award.

Congratulations to our Partner Excellence Award winners! Let’s build great things together.

David Ponzini - SVP, Corporate Development & Alliances | MarkLogic

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