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MarkLogic Evaluated as Challenger on Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems

As the database market experiences a disruptive wave, driven by changing market and enterprise needs, we’re thrilled to announce our position on the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. Gartner has recognized MarkLogic as a Challenger, for the third year in a row, and positioned MarkLogic furthest to the right for completeness of vision and highest for ability to execute in that quadrant.

This is exactly where a next-generation pioneer of a next-generation technology wants to be.

For more than three decades, relational database technology has led the industry. But new data challenges are now the norm, with an explosion of unstructured as well as structured data, and increased pressure on businesses to actually share, search, query and use the massive amounts of data they collect. Incumbent relational database technologies are no longer optimal and were never designed to solve the data silo problem they created.

MarkLogic brings to today’s market what today’s enterprises need: a multi-model, cloud enabling platform for integrating data from silos, while providing the most secure transactional, operational and analytical database. We are challenging and beating legacy database providers on their home turf — mission-critical enterprise use cases. And, we’ve set ourselves apart from all other next-generation database providers as we close the gap with incumbents. As we see it, our strengths include:

  • Functionality. MarkLogic is a Swiss Army knife for data management, enabling management of operational data for diverse use cases, involving search, graph, spatial or structured queries—often more than one at a time—in a converged platform. Unlike legacy databases, MarkLogic readily handles probabilistic or even conflicting data relationships and automatically performs work to integrate data and discover insights. Unlike other next-generation players, MarkLogic is fully ACID compliant, which is needed to truly be able to depend on data.
  • Enterprise-grade Security. No enterprise can safely share data today, either inside or outside the enterprise, without knowing that it is secure. Security is engineered into the MarkLogic product enabling granular access controls and security that sits with the data and so moves with the data wherever that data goes.
  • Great Value. The expectation today is that modern DBMSs actually manage, not just store, data. Our industry leading price and performance for all workloads, along with our new cloud subscription license model, make us the most cost-effective provider for transformational data management workloads.
  • Innovation. We were early advocates for breaking down data silos in enterprises, enabling 360 views of all data to make better-informed decisions. The market is following our lead, and we’re continuing to innovate. We just announced our Data Hub Service, a fully-automated cloud service for integrating data from different silos. This is designed to deliver what was promised with data lakes — but with data governance and security actually included. MarkLogic Data Hub Service brings our industry-leading data hub technology to the cloud, allowing enterprises to leverage data from different sources without having to use multiple cloud services for data integration.

Everything for the Enterprise

Everything we do is done to enable the digital transformation of our enterprise customers — and it shows in the spot we earned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. More importantly, it shows in the success of our customers. To accelerate their success, we recently released MarkLogic Data Hub Service, which is a significant shift to the cloud. It enables customers to get up and running on data hubs faster, which is core for digital transformation. Wherever they’re deployed, MarkLogic technologies enable enterprises to safely access and use their data as a business advantage and transform to meet business and market needs. As organizations continue to realize the limitations of relational technologies and look to embrace agility without sacrificing security, we look forward to meeting and exceeding those needs.

View the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems.

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Bloom was the CEO of MarkLogic from 2012-2020.

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