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MarkLogic World: Learn From Leaders and Win With Wisdom

This year’s MarkLogic World is right around the corner with exciting agendas planned for our San Francisco, London and Tokyo events. I’m certainly looking forward to these conferences as valuable opportunities to learn the latest best practices from our customers and partners on the frontlines of complex data integration.

San Francisco Event Highlights

Since 2001, MarkLogic has worked diligently to deliver a flexible database technology platform that enables our customers to extract more value from all of their data. As the evidence continues to roll in – we know it’s working. So this year, I find myself especially inspired by the impressive list of industry-leading guest speakers who will be on site at this year’s event. From the challenges they’ve faced with data to the opportunities they’re building with it, many distinguished data innovators will attend the event to talk to us about everything they’ve learned around leveraging enterprise data to advance their business goals.

From Aetna to Intel, to KPMG and Chevron and many more, MarkLogic World 2016 will bring together a vast and eclectic mix of the best minds in the database world, all coming together to help smooth the path to your business objectives by sharing insight into their experiences and providing answers to your questions. This event is designed to give you a leg up on your data projects – so we hope you join with us to take advantage of this valuable learning opportunity.

HealthCare.gov: The Lessons I Learned

Former Deputy CIO and Deputy Director, Office of Information Services, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and lead on the execution of the Healthcare.gov project, Henry Chao knows first hand about the challenges and pitfalls that can occur during the implementation of a mission-critical data integration project of unprecedented scale. You won’t want to miss out on Henry’s valuable insider retrospective on the real story behind HealthCare.gov as well as his advice on best practices for CIOs and IT leaders undertaking large-scale data projects.

Using Metadata to Drive a New User Experience

Also be on the lookout for NBC Entertainment Digital’s Vice President of Technology, Eddie Lee, to join forces with Warner Bros. Vice President, David Sugg, Erik Weaver from the University of Southern California, and MarkLogic’s own industry expert, Matt Turner, to walk us through key aspects and considerations of metadata management as we explore how and why media and entertainment companies are leveraging metadata to better manage their critical data assets. These talented data professionals are redefining the future of the personalized user experience!

Get Smart, Gain Value

From hands-on workshops to technical sessions and MLU Classes, MarkLogic World presents a variety of educational offerings developed to ensure both business and technical leaders gain the most return on their MarkLogic technology investments.

Registration Information

MarkLogic World 2016

Park Central Hotel, San Francisco
May 9-12, 2016
Register Today
*Get in FREE with promo code: MLWSOCIAL

For more information, or to register for the upcoming events in London and Tokyo, visit MarkLogic World online.

I look forward to learning with you there.

David Ponzini - SVP, Corporate Development & Alliances | MarkLogic

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