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A Cloud-Native Data Integration Experience

We are incredibly excited to introduce MarkLogic Data Hub Central, a cloud-native user interface of MarkLogic Data Hub Service for implementing agile data integration.

Data Hub Central provides a collaborative, self-service experience for continuous data integration in the cloud so that users can create, explore, and share consistent and fit-for-purpose data assets. It is designed to provide a single, shared experience for data experts (business analysts, data stewards, architects, and data engineers) to ease data hub implementation – all without writing any code.

Data Hub Central bundles MarkLogic’s iterative, model-driven data integration process into a simple user interface for agile teams to implement serverless, cloud data hubs on Data Hub Service. It makes it simple to harmonize, master, and enrich multi-structured data to create durable data assets for multiple use cases. It gives organizations the flexibility to use multiple lenses for exploring and analyzing the whole gamut of curated data assets, with complete security and governance.

MarkLogic Data Hub Central interface

Empowering the Data Experts with 10x Agility

Data Hub Service is a fully-managed cloud service on AWS and Azure to run data integration workloads for transactional, operational, and analytical use cases at a predictable, low cost. As the primary user interface for Data Hub Service, Data Hub Central enables users to configure, test, and deploy their data hub projects. There is no software to download. This significantly simplifies DevOps for data integration.

With this new capability, Data Hub Service brings both data infrastructure agility and execution agility for implementing data hub workloads in the cloud.

As the demo above shows, data integration involves multiple stakeholders, each holding a piece of the integration milestones with multiple touchpoints throughout the data lifecycle. With Data Hub Central, all of these stakeholders – data architects, system analysts, and business analysts – can iteratively collaborate and apply their expertise to build and test a data hub from scratch.

The simple, shared user experience of Data Hub Central makes it easy to choreograph interactions among various users of the data hub. It enables users to interact directly with the data as they define the entity model, configure curation services to harmonize and master the data, and explore and share curated (and even raw) data.

This progressive data curation approach to implement a data hub breaks down both data silos and organizational silos. When compared to the traditional ETL approach, it allows your teams to apply agile practices for 10x faster results.

Data Hub Central offers a self-service experience for users, who in the past had to rely on IT to serve their data needs. For instance, Data Hub Central enables business analysts to self-serve their operational analytics needs by providing direct access to “shop” the data needed to solve pressing business problems. They can easily save, share, and re-use data sets in popular BI tools – without having to make an IT request.

Data Integration as a Service

Data Hub Service is a purpose-built, cloud-neutral service for implementing agile data integration. The vision of Data Hub Central is to facilitate seamless participation by all stakeholders when implementing a data hub on Data Hub Service.

A critical step in implementing a data hub is when data architects define the entity model. Data Hub Central enables architects to define a dynamic entity model that mirrors the pace of change in the organization rather than a particular use case. The entity model shields upstream (or source) data models from downstream (or consumption) data models. As a result, there is no ETL lock-in. Organizations can create durable data assets that are dynamic and stand the test of time.

As a central data asset of your organization, data hub is an ideal place to define governance, security, and other data lifecycle policies. Data Hub Central makes it easy to centrally define and enforce these data policies and other metadata for your data hub on Data Hub Service.

To compare, if you were to build a data hub on your own it would require you to assemble various cloud services for data management and integration (ETL tool, databases, MDM, and more). This not only increases TCO but also raises the governance challenge of keeping data and metadata consistent across various cloud services. In contrast, Data Hub Central facilitates tracking of data and metadata together through the integration lifecycle so that you can govern and secure it all in Data Hub Service.

Faster Results with Reduced Risks and Cost of Integration

By bringing agile principles to data integration and management, organizations can make quick decisions and take rapid actions. But, it’s not enough to have the right data. To adequately respond to change, organizations need context to make sense of the data. In other words, data has to be curated, organized, and made fit-for-purpose.

To get context for data, you need Semantics. Semantics – MarkLogic’s graph capability – is a unique feature of Data Hub Service. Semantics makes entities, their relationships, and other associated metadata easier to manage and query. It also has huge benefits during data curation process. By making the power of Semantics accessible to end users, Data Hub Central is a leap forward towards the vision of an effortless Semantics-driven data integration experience in the cloud.

As a whole, Data Hub Central provides ease and simplicity when using Data Hub Service. By offering an intuitive experience for configuring centralized data governance and security policies, Data Hub Central reduces the risks and cost of data integration, and fast-tracks results.

With Data Hub Central, Data Hub Service lets your organization self-serve more than just data integration infrastructure. It lets your data experts self-serve their business value.

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