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Integrate to Innovate: Our Customers Lead the Way

Last week at our MarkLogic World 2019 conference, some of the largest global enterprises shared their stories of navigating data integration issues—one of the most critical data management challenges facing organizations today.

Organizations in every vertical industry are at a crossroads. Move to the cloud or risk being left behind? Digitally transform or stagnate and lose their competitive positions? Integrate data to better run the business or keep data siloed, leading to less-informed strategic decisions? The correct choices to these questions seem obvious, but choosing to change and then successfully doing so is rarely easy.

Our customers are at the forefront of successfully migrating to the next generation of data management, and their experiences underscore how it can be done and the impact of having integrated data to drive their businesses forward.

As I noted in my keynote, the cloud is now. Cloud deployments are now occurring among some of the largest scale and most mission-critical systems., for instance, which is powered by MarkLogic, is now live on AWS. An estimated 11.4 million subscribers are expected to use the service in 2019—300,000 of them at the same time—requiring up to 8,000 transactions a second and handling more than seven billion documents.

These are big numbers and are representative of the scale and impact our customers have on their respective markets. It is no coincidence that MarkLogic World 2019 was all about “Integrate to Innovate,” as that is exactly what MarkLogic customers are doing. The audience heard firsthand how large enterprises are tapping into their biggest asset—their data—in a smarter, simpler and more secure way than ever before. Thanks to our customers, the practical applications of this happening today can be shared with the broader community.

Here are just a few examples of what our customers shared:

  • Chevron – Chevron is amid a full review of how to do business on a digital platform and in a digital world. Core to that effort is bringing data from throughout the enterprise together, busting silos, getting an enterprise view of disparate data and making sure that the right data gets to the right people at the right time. Chevron’s Equipment Smart Mastering strategy and execution is based on creating a 360-degree enterprise view of all of the company’s facilities, equipment and related information throughout the world. Its ability to ensure reliability and integrity and conduct proactive maintenance on facility equipment reduces risk, downtime and costs.
  • Abbvie – Moving a new drug from the idea stage to the market is a super collaborative effort, involving up to 10,000 people, taking 10 years and costing roughly $1 billion. Success depends on agile and efficient collaboration. Abbvie’s Business Technology Solutions (BTS) division built an integrated, flexible and easy-to-use collaboration and no-code app building platform called Ethos. Ethos is empowering teams to self-innovate and solve complex operational problems that have historically been too tough to crack, all while compressing deployment times.
Derek Debe, Director of Innovation & Emerging Technologies – Abbvie
  • Credit Suisse – Credit Suisse’s award-winning Asset Management offers a wide range of investment products and functions across asset classes and investment styles. The company dove into how the financial industry is building innovative, intelligent, data-driven solutions to deliver optimal investment returns for governments, institutions, corporations and individuals worldwide.
  • Airbus – An Airbus aircraft takes off or lands every 1.4 seconds, and increasing amounts of data are being produced while flying in an ever-changing, complex environment. Time to market is crucial for manufacturers that require flight test campaigns to be performed faster than ever. Data management and analysis is a critical requirement to reconcile data diversity and volumes. Airbus showcased a test data browser enabling engineers to search vast troves of flight test data to more quickly find information and to make informed decisions.
Laurent Peltiers, Test Data Processing Expert – Airbus
  • ABN Amro – Not only is the financial market complex, but it changes rapidly. Data management has become the competitive advantage. The more elements collected from data and stitched together bi-temporally, the more visibility and insights are generated from the data. As regulations continue to come out, operational transparency and a 360-degree view across customers’ pre-trade, post-trade and other records will be more critical than ever to quickly collect, record and extract information for regulators.

Our customers share visionary ideals. They understand the value of clean, integrated and high-quality data to power ever increasingly powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning at the core of their businesses. They understand the value of integrated data to deliver a 360-degree view of their customers and how they can better serve them by having customer knowledge at their fingertips. They understand the efficiencies of moving to the cloud and leveraging elastic capacity. They understand the value in integrating data from silos so that their data assets can drive strategic decisions.

What’s more, our enterprise customers understand that these are necessary pillars of any digital organization in an increasingly digital world. I value our customers who make MarkLogic World a success year after year and thank them for doing it again this year.

Chief Executive Officer

Calling upon his extensive executive experience at Oracle and Veritas, Gary Bloom leads MarkLogic as the preeminent NoSQL database for the Enterprise. During his 14-year tenure as an executive at Oracle, Gary helped organizations make the generational shift from mainframe to relational technology.

Likewise, as CEO of MarkLogic, he is driving another industry shift by spearheading solutions to the global challenge of aggregating and managing data from disparate sources and transforming that data into valuable information. Gary is a highly respected thought leader who influences organizations to reimagine how data can and will change the future of business and application development.

Prior to MarkLogic, Gary was CEO and president at eMeter, which was acquired by Siemens Corporation. Before that, he was a consultant of TPG, a leading global private investment firm. Gary was also the vice chair and president of Symantec Corporation, where he led the company’s line of business organizations and the company’s corporate development efforts. He had joined Symantec through the company’s merger with Veritas Software where he was the chairman and CEO. Before joining Veritas, Gary held senior executive positions at Oracle. During this time, Gary led Oracle’s database business, worldwide marketing,support, education, and alliance organizations, and was responsible for mergers and acquisitions.

Gary earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo.

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