Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary

Expert Advice

James Wonder held his office hours on our stand today. James has seen it all, from some of the first digital distribution with AIP to creating the Citation scholarly platform that brought together cross discipline content.

James now leads MarkLogic’s worldwide customer success team and after visiting with customers at the book fair, he’s finding that “all our customers are struggling with things like delivering tailored content and understanding the context their customers.” The customer success team’s theme is “The Power is Already in Your Datacenter” and James is really enjoying talking to the MarkLogic customers at the show and “sharing between us how everyone can get the most value out of their content.”

Getting to Work at the Book Fair

We opened our stand in hall 4.2 today and welcomed our partners and the MarkLogic community.

From the opening bell, the fair has been packed and we’ve been having great discussion on content, data and the future of publishing.

Providing us with needed fuel, MarkLogic partner SiteFusion hosted an opening session breakfast featuring Weisswurst and pretzels hand imported this morning by SiteFusion’s Mario Kandler from his hometown of Straubing in Bavaria. A delicious start to the day!

EBCONT is the Glue to Get the Job Done

Joining us on our Frankfurt stand once again is the team from EBCONT, Alex Deles, Andreas Hubmer, and Gregor Sieber. EBCONT is a longtime MarkLogic partner and is now focused on delivering the benefits of digital transformation to the industry.

Alex Deles, CEO of EBCONT, said “digitization will transform the business models for publishing” but that each publisher is unique and so the changes to processes and products need to be “elegant and smart solutions without losing uniqueness and the beauty of the publisher’s content.”

To help publishers through this transition, EBCONT helps publishers build the backbones of their businesses using MarkLogic and other tools like SiteFusion. Alex described the role of EBCONT as “being the glue that keeps all the solutions together” and that EBCONT can be the “one place that delivers the software you need to deliver your content.”

EBCONT is putting this into action, helping customers like Thieme, De Gruyter, Cornelson, Manz, and more. See this page for more on EBCONT’s Publishing Solutions.

Come by our booth and chat with Alex, Andreas and Gregor and put your content into action with EBCONT!

Experts Up Next

Thursday on our stand, Jen Shorten of MarkLogic will hold her office hours from 10am-12pm. Jen has led some of the industry’s most innovative projects, linking content to data and helping organizations such as Pearson, OECD, ISO, and more.

Ernst Kallus from Stratigem Partners will then take his turn on the stand from 2-4pm. Ernst has been running transformation projects at publishers like OUP and Emerald and is now helping organizations better leverage their data.

Come by 4.2 K35 to talk data and publishing strategy!

Also, see what happened on Day 3!

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