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Find What You’re Looking for at the Book Fair!

We’re kicking off a week of activity here at the Frankfurt Book Fair. And right off the bat we are making news.
First up is the welcome reception with our just-announced-today new partner: publishing industry software solutions provider Klopotek. With a rights management application being planned for release in early 2015, the firm needed to move from a relational database to one that could support multiple, complex data types including contracts, asset metadata and rights and usage data. Ulrich Klopotek von Glowczewski, the firm’s CEO, is looking to MarkLogic to give his customers “the assurance of a future-proof solution.”
After tonight’s fun,  we’ll be in Hall 4.2, stall K45.  We’ll be talking publishing and media and would love to see old friends — and meet new ones.
This year we will also be showing a demo we developed with the folks from the Frankfurt Book Fair. Its a new way to see the exhibitors and events at the show and so here is an open offer.
Come by and see us, have a chat and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for at the show!


Matt Turner - Chief Technology Officer - Media Publishing | MarkLogic

Matt Turner is the CTO, Media and Manufacturing at MarkLogic where he develops strategy and solutions for the media, entertainment and manufacturing markets. Matt works with customers and prospects to develop MarkLogic enterprise NoSQL operational data hubs that enable them to get the most of their data and deliver their products to the fans, audiences and customers that love them.

Before joining MarkLogic, Matt was at Sony Music and PC World developing innovative information and content delivery applications.

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