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July 1, 2021
Attend MarkLogic's presentation or visit our booth at MESC to learn how MarkLogic can enable today's modern Medicaid enterprise systems.
Join MarkLogic on December 9-10 at FBC's Hawaii DoD Virtual IT and Cyber Days - a two-day series of educational presentations on the latest IT and cybersecurity technologies by industry and government subject matter experts.
Join MarkLogic at the virtual CMS Industry Day - Unleashing Innovation and Data Focused Opportunities.
Semantics is a critical capability integral to your core data infrastructure. In this webinar, you’ll learn the benefits of Semantics in the context of a multi-model database, why model-driven Semantic data curation is superior to other approaches, and how Semantics enables you to build smarter applications with better data intelligence.
Learn how multiple state government agencies are modernizing and simplifying their Medicaid Enterprise Systems and Medicaid Management Information Systems architecture with a next-generation Operational Data Store – adhering to MITA standards, decreasing implementation timeframes and costs, and shortening time to benefit.
Join us for this webinar to get a 360 view of your supply chain.
The FHIR-based ONC Cures Final Act Rule date is looming. Can your business meet the deadline? Learn why a data hub platform may be your best option.
AI now offers huge value to the public sector. We will cover predictive analytics pattern of AI, and several use cases leveraging AI insights.
Speakers from MarkLogic will go over analytics trends and demo how to utilize MarkLogic’s Data Hub to integrate your data and how that powers both search-style and traditional BI tool analytics.
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