Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary

From outcomes-based payments and mHealth to EHRs and massive mergers, patient self-service portals and data-driven innovation, HIMSS16 is the place to learn and exchange knowledge on all of today’s challenges and solutions in Health IT.

Advancing High-Quality, Data-Driven Healthcare

The inexorable march of technological innovation has blazed a trail through every industry in its path over the past decade. Healthcare is undergoing a technology revolution making it a consumer-centric, data-driven, quality-driven business. This transformation is changing the way we think about and undertake every traditional process and procedure.

The continuous advancement of healthcare technology has empowered patients to take more proactive control over their health while equipping physicians with critical insight into a patient’s lifestyle and health history – information that doesn’t always come to light during examination and rushed conversation. Healthcare organizations need to use all their data to develop tools and solutions to keep up with this demand for a more transparent, higher quality and retail-like experience. In these ways and more, we are just now seeing the tip of the iceberg in the role information technology stands to play in the advancement of patient care in an increasingly mobile, informed and demanding consumer healthcare environment.

Highlights of HIMSS16

Visit With MarkLogic!
For over a decade, organizations around the world have come to rely on MarkLogic to power their innovative information applications. As the world’s experts at integrating data from silos, MarkLogic’s operational and transactional enterprise NoSQL database platform empowers our customers to leverage a unified, 360-degree view of their data to build next-generation health IT applications.

By integrating all of your information into a secure Enterprise NoSQL database with a powerful built-in search engine, MarkLogic speeds your time-to-market with optimized data assets that enable you to deliver enhanced services at lower cost. Learn how the world’s premier Health IT organizations are using our new generation database to simplify interoperability, improve search and analysis, and optimize drug and clinical information. Visit us at HIMSS in Booth #11650.

Don’t Miss Out on M*Modal!
With the goal of enabling clinicians to capture the richness of narrative clinical documents and making them actionable at large scale and in real time, M*Modal currently supports over 1,000 hospital systems, thousands of concurrent users, 36,000 queries and millions of transcription documents each day.

Built entirely on MarkLogic, M*Modal provides advanced cloud-based speech recognition and data analytics that empower clinicians to use convenient mobile technology to capture the context of their patient narratives and utilize that data to streamline their documentation efforts and improve patient quality of care.

Experience how M*Modal innovatively leverages MarkLogic’s agile new generation database technology to provide critical services that improve the satisfaction of both physicians and patients alike. Stop by to learn how organizations utilize modern technologies, such as voice recognition, mobile and cloud to help hospitals save money, improve patient care and simplify access to critical information for everything from clinical informatics and fraud prevention to medical research and publishing. Visit M*Modal at HIMSS in Booth #5029.

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Joins us as we explore inspirational advances emerging to transform the healthcare landscape as we know it for patients, physicians and payers alike. HIMSS 2016 brings together 40,000+ Health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from across the globe. You won’t want to miss out on the exceptional education, world-class speakers, inventive health IT products and powerful networking opportunities presented at this industry-leading conference.

Mark your calendars for HIMSS16, February 29 – March 4, 2016 in Las Vegas.

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