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Cisco Quickly Delivers Comprehensive and Predictive Documentation for 30 Years’ Worth of Products

Through organic growth and mergers and acquisitions, Cisco has tens of thousands of products in its 30-year existence. Imagine all the documentation Cisco has about each individual product. Rajesh Chandrasekhar, Director of Operations at Cisco, is tasked with making that documentation accessible to customers in the most satisfactory manner possible. To meet this goal, Rajesh talked to us at MarkLogic World about how he and his team built a Content Hub based on MarkLogic® on AWS. The hub has dramatically improved customer service, helping customers not only find relevant information quickly, but also helping them find new relevant content they didn’t know existed.

I’ve met with customers, and they just love it. Some of them come out and say, ‘Where have you guys been all along?’ Because it is truly simpler to use the information, and once they use that, then the product gets a lot more fun.”
– Rajesh Chandrasekhar, Director of Operations at Cisco

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