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Tired of your IT projects failing? Or succeeding — but at a much higher cost and much longer timeframe? Three years ago, an industry survey found that 50 percent of IT projects failed and a more recent survey found that IT projects are failing at an even high rate (55 percent). But that doesn’t have to be your fate. In our experience, our customers’ projects not only exceed expectations, but also win industry awards.

The World Bank

is among our latest customers to receive third-party validation for its IT team’s outstanding achievements. Today, CIO Magazine announced The World Bank was selected as a 2017 CIO 100 honoree. According to the magazine, “The CIO 100 award honors 100 organizations that have distinguished themselves by creating business value through the innovative use of technology. The Hall of Fame is a special honor bestowed upon outstanding CIOs whose work has shown both creative vision and practical leadership in information technology.”

The World Bank had a vision to provide detailed information about World Bank-funded projects around the globe, making it easily accessible, searchable and actionable. The World Bank knew it needed a “mapping” system that could quickly and easily ingest data without ETL costs and delays, and automatically index and geo-tag the data so The World Bank team could quickly determine locations for project operations.

To achieve its goal, The World Bank built its mapping project on the MarkLogic database, which provides transparency and a window into the world of what The World Bank does, where and how. The World Bank added and automated geospatial information on more than 1,500 World Bank-funded projects in 20,252 locations in 144 countries. By putting that information into a database and then making it available on websites, The World Bank can more easily and effectively educate staff and stakeholders from around the world about its work.

Building on the success of its Mapping Project, The World Bank is continuing to innovate with the MarkLogic database, exhibiting best big data practices to its peers and other industries with new applications. We are beyond pleased that The World Bank team will be sharing these best practices with other MarkLogic innovators at this year’s MarkLogic World 2017 in Chicago May 16-17.

Come join us at this year’s MarkLogic World to learn how you can not only increase your IT project success rate, but also gain recognition and accolades that shine a light on your personal and professional brand.

Nicole Roseveare - Director, Customer Engagement | MarkLogic

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