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December 5, 2017
MarkLogic was proud to be a part of SEMANTiCS, a fascinating conference that bridges the worlds of research and industry by offering unique mix of cutting-edge academic papers and the best examples of semantic technology in use in the industry.
MarkLogic 8.0-4 Now Available This type of release is not usually something I would write a blog post about—and technically, MarkLogic 8.0-4 is but another in the sequence of maintenance releases that round out the enormous leaps and bounds we made with the release of MarkLogic 8 last February. But we decided to pack a […]
E-commerce is set for significant growth this year. According to the Adobe Digital Index 2015 Holiday Shopping Predictions,1 2015 U.S. Holiday Season sales i.e., sales during November and December, will grow to an all-time high of $83 billion – an 11% year-over-year increase. Meanwhile U.S. online sales on November 30 – Cyber Monday – are […]
Say you’re working on a project that calls for something specific, like a “one-quarter-inch slotted magnetic screwdriver.” But when you go to the website of a hardware chain and type that phrase into the search field, zero results appear. You sigh and search again, typing simply “screwdriver.” This time, 652 matches fill your screen. You […]
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