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A couple of weeks ago NBC broke new ground with its free, live stream of the Super Bowl. According to Chris Tribbey of MESAlliance, NBC made it the “biggest event online” with 2.5 million viewers going ‘over the top’ to watch the game online. Live-streaming is part of a bigger trend of people like you […]
I did a webinar a couple of weeks ago on Metadata is the New Gold!  It was a great conversation with Brian Cross from Condé Nast, whose team is pushing the boundaries of tagging using crowd sourcing; Mike Green from Avalon, whose comprehensive work in the entertainment space on metadata has left no stone unturned in […]
We’ve announced a ton of cool new features in the upcoming MarkLogic® 8 software release. In fact, we’ve done more than just announce them. We already have very early versions of some of them available through our Early Access program. I want to tell you about three main feature areas that I find really exciting: […]
Decision Support is an organizational process that gathers and analyzes stakeholder inputs, raw data and, now, documents to support major decision-making.  As unstructured data volumes have proliferated in recent years, attempts to use existing tools to systematically harvest and correlate information that could be insightful has not been fruitful.  Whether rigid or reactive, manually intensive […]
I want to ask you a question and I want you to really consider it. Prepare yourself . . . Ready? Here it is: Who is smarter? A Chimpanzee or a Dog? If you picked the dog, raise your hand. What? Nobody? Even the dog owners out there, you betrayed your best friend? Well yes, […]
When a guy drags his overcoat across your sandwich, a crowded train is usually a bit overwhelming. However, I was recently riding a packed Acela from a customer’s site in Boston and had a good chat with my seatmate, who worked in a non-profit organization. Her job was to guide first-generation college-students through an unfamiliar landscape of […]
As a result of the keynote speech at the MarkLogic World 2012 conference I blogged a short piece for O’Reilly entitled “Linked Data Underpins the value of Big Data” where I aired the view that it was the links within, and externally between, datasets that were the real value in Big Data. The increasing interest […]
The month of January, named after Janus the ancient Roman god of beginnings and transitions who is depicted as having two faces so that he may look both forward into the new year as well as back into the one that is past, is a time for reflection and looking forward. With the introduction of […]
It’s the holiday season and the decking of halls and trimming of trees has been in full swing for a while now.  And as many of us pause as the year winds down, thoughts of the new year are not too far behind.  For those of us in technology, this is especially fun, given how prone to […]
My colleague Sara Mazer just finished putting together a very cool interactive application on the Tableau Public site that shows how you can do BI-style visualization (with Tableau) on top of the information from email data stored in MarkLogic’s MarkMail service. And, she even set it up so that you can see an example of […]
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