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Government agencies have been readily adopting mobile technologies over the past decade to deliver self-service applications to their constituents. However, for internal agencies’ needs they are still faced with lack of hardware support, security and infrastructure challenges when trying to leverage smartphones and mobile devices. 3rd Eye Technologies is a leader in addressing these challenges. I […]
February 15, 2018
Today, the UK’s intelligence services and police forces have to deal with an overwhelming amount of data. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, getting this data out of the silos it has long been stored in in order to transform it into actionable intelligence is even more difficult.
Every organization is fighting for data security, and it’s important to address the tactical details (incident patterns, attack vectors dynamic testing, etc.), while also taking a broader, more strategic look at how data is handled in your organization.
As you read this, hackers are tirelessly searching and probing for vulnerabilities in the networks of healthcare organizations of all sizes. Their objective is a simple one: to acquire the protected health information (PHI) of patients and consumers. The theft of PHI jeopardizes the integrity of your organization and the privacy, reputation, and identity of your consumers. Is your business safe from cyber attack?
NoSQL is known for allowing speed and agility. But at what price? Can you have security and privacy too? Here's the secret weapon the biggest enterprises have found.
Recently a serious security vulnerability was discovered in the OpenSSL cryptographic software library. MarkLogic application servers can be configured to use SSL, and MarkLogic uses OpenSSL to provide this capability. A patch to OpenSSL has been released to address this vulnerability, and MarkLogic has built patches for all impacted MarkLogic versions with OpenSSL 1.0.1g to […]
Working with brainiacs, great discussions spontaneously occur. The following situation arose: A client wanted  all data to be searchable – but not all data readable. The instance they gave was an HR person knowing that specific forms were there — but not allowing them to be read. What were best practices? Our engineering and field […]
MarkLogic is going to be helping the U.S. government to develop the next generation of secure cloud computing services to support Multi-INT data management and analysis. We’ll be doing this by participating in the CTE (Continuous Transformational Environment) Lab hosted within the QTS (Quality Technology Services) data center in Virginia. Leading hardware and software vendors […]
DataStax put out a press release today claiming that with their new release of DataStax Enterprise 3 they were the “World’s First NoSQL Big Data Platform With Comprehensive Enterprise-Grade Security.” We’d like to set the record straight. MarkLogic has had Enterprise-grade security for well over 10 years. So, while I won’t make the claim that […]
A recent article in the NY Times profiled Peter Neumann (Noy-man), computer scientist, musician, veteran of Bell Labs, and computer security pioneer/tireless evangelist. He cites a breakfast meeting he had with Albert Einstein in 1952, when he heard the first-hand utterance of Einstein’s “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler,” as […]
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