Everything From Data Tips and NoSQL Best Practices to Industry Specific Insights

October 12, 2017
For publishers, nothing is more important than getting content to readers to inform, entertain and even change lives. Matt Turner was at Frankfurt and reports on how some are still innovating despite years of disruptions.
October 11, 2017
On Day 2 of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Matt Turner relays conversations on how data is the vital asset that makes that impact possible in today's digital world, and introduces transformative technologies to putting that data to work.
October 10, 2017
Blogging from Frankfurt, Matt Turner finds that trusted, valuable content has never been more coveted - and talks to publishers creating platforms to let their customers have more of it.
For the past decade, Outsell has created an annual theme for its signature event. Media and Information Providers have executed on those themes -- with MarkLogic.
Last December I signed up for the STM Association’s Innovations Seminar Flash Talk. It is one of the toughest presentation challenges out there: 20 slides with an auto advance feature showing each slide for 15 seconds. Designed to break up the usual 45 minute format of a conference, flash talks have the added benefit of […]
On our webinar “How Publishing Survived and Lived to Deliver Information Another Day” a couple of weeks ago, Diane Burley and I unveiled the Top 5 requirements for today’s information providers.  The information industries are undergoing continuous, radical change in how people consume and buy content. To react, publishers have shifted from a publisher creating a single form […]
Here at the Frankfurt Book Fair I’ve just seen one of my favorite sights – the Powered by MarkLogic logo! Its all over the Klopotek pavilion promoting The Rights, Licenses and Permissions Manager – its new MarkLogic-powered product. In the product announcement this week the Klopotek team proudly announced its shift from using ‘relational technology’ to using MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL. Its […]
This post is a snapshot of the talk given at MarkLogic World, titled, “Planning for Growth with and without Performance Metering,” given by David Sewell, Editorial and Technical Manager for University of Virginia Press, with support from Tim Finney, Lead Programmer out of Perth, Australia. MarkLogic is great for large enterprises running large applications, but […]
Publishing is about content, not format. — Wendy Queen, Associate Director of Project Muse, Johns Hopkins University Press I first heard this quotation at an STM Group Innovation Day I attended in London in early December. The speaker was Sayeed Choudhury of the Data Conservancy at John Hopkins University and notes on his presentation were […]
Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to attend a keynote by JP Rangaswami at a Tableau conference. JP is the Chief Scientist at as well as a highly respected blogger, author and technologist. JP borrowed from his 2012 TED talk and suggested we think about information as you would about food. The premise […]
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