Everything From Data Tips and NoSQL Best Practices to Industry Specific Insights

MarkLogic has become the virtual standard for NoSQL databases in the world's leading financial institutions and it’s why well over 50% of our business comes from completing projects that were started on and failed on Oracle.
Selbst programmieren oder kaufen? Selber bauen oder kaufen? Selber entwickeln oder software kaufen? Software selbst entwickeln oder kaufen? Anwendungen selbst erstellen oder kaufen? Was ist besser: Sofware selbst entwickeln oder kaufen?
“Should we go open source or proprietary?” That oft-repeated question is actually not so black and white—and like most things in life there is a whole lot of grey. Today, open source is usually not purely open source. And, die-hard proprietary software companies are today buying open source companies and running their own open source […]
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