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Not many companies have penetrated the market like Herold Business Data GmbH, a top publisher of phone books, special guides and other reference materials in Austria. Two-thirds of Austrians ages 14 to 65 conduct a search every six months using one of Herold’s print, online or mobile platforms., one of the biggest websites in […]
Where will you be 11:35 pm EST on Saturday, October 3rd? I bet, like me, many of you will be lounging on the couch and laughing while watching the premiere of the 41st season of Saturday Night Live (SNL). To get ready, I’m getting reacquainted with the fun and smart application NBC created on MarkLogic. But […]
A couple of weeks ago NBC broke new ground with its free, live stream of the Super Bowl. According to Chris Tribbey of MESAlliance, NBC made it the “biggest event online” with 2.5 million viewers going ‘over the top’ to watch the game online. Live-streaming is part of a bigger trend of people like you […]
This is part 2 of our marketing department’s journey to creating a scalable content management and delivery system.  Before MarkLogic I was with a semantic enrichment company that helped media companies “unlock value” by producing rich metadata to describe the content. We called it automatic tagging. Now, tags are only as good as the database […]
What you need to know about unstructured content (anything that doesn't fit well in columns and rows) in order to manage and reuse it effectively.
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