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The stunning upset of Eric Cantor in the Virginia congressional race was largely stupendous because the pollsters got it so wrong – by “18 standard-deviation points” said one analyst. It was “pollster malfeasance” by the polling firm McLaughlin & Associates, and it should get the equivalent of the “pollster death penalty” said a commenter to Frank […]
Meet Matt Allen, a product marketing manager who recently joined MarkLogic and is based in our Washington, DC office. Matt has already jumped into writing white papers, meeting with product managers, and prepping for MarkLogic World 2014, but he took the time to sit down with us for a few minutes to share a bit […]
This is part 3 of our marketing department’s journey to creating a scalable content management and delivery system using RSuite built on MarkLogic. We began the journey in late 2013. Picking a software solution and procuring a solution are not one in the same (I found out the hard way). When I have put content […]
This is part 2 of our marketing department’s journey to creating a scalable content management and delivery system.  Before MarkLogic I was with a semantic enrichment company that helped media companies “unlock value” by producing rich metadata to describe the content. We called it automatic tagging. Now, tags are only as good as the database […]
As a kid, our family would drive through upstate New York and silos were markers of wealth and innovation. Wooden silos versus cement versus shiny metal. I remember the awe of stepping inside a cement corn silo on my Uncle Leo’s dairy farm. Massive and impenetrable. Majestic towers carefully crafted to protect the land’s largess. The romance and […]
A recent global survey by Teradata probed the minds of marketers: 50% of markets say marketing and IT are not strategic partners 40% of marketers gave their department a grade of C or lower for using data to drive marketing 71% of marketers plan to implement a Big Data analytics solution in the next two […]
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