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February 26, 2019
Learn about how French startup, Earthcube, is combining MarkLogic and AI to provide analysts with new capabilities to support Activity-Based Intelligence.
December 18, 2018
Learn how French startup, Earthcube, is combining MarkLogic and AI to enable a new generation of warfighters and intelligence analysts.
Many companies are looking to real world evidence to transform healthcare, but there are still issues with adoption. As many other industries have experienced, collecting, managing and storing data is not as straightforward as it sounds. Companies across the life sciences sector need to learn the lessons of other industries or risk having their very own big-data problems.
Learn how you can anticipate and optimize your data access needs to more effectively determine AI project outcomes while avoiding potential technology and career pitfalls.
Government agencies have been readily adopting mobile technologies over the past decade to deliver self-service applications to their constituents. However, for internal agencies’ needs they are still faced with lack of hardware support, security and infrastructure challenges when trying to leverage smartphones and mobile devices. 3rd Eye Technologies is a leader in addressing these challenges. I […]
The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) is having a massive impact on all sectors, including the insurance and financial services markets. Given the large volumes of data that insurance companies have to process, these companies should be amongst the first to take advantage of AI. However, many of these companies are failing to take advantage of these gains due to inefficiently use of data.
The Department of Defense is fielding two new Artificial Intelligence projects and will look for industry to solve data pre-processing and automation tasks. Despite challenges, it is possible for organizations to achieve their automation goals without creating more pain in the process.
From billion-dollar acquisition programs to national security strategies, federal agencies make hundreds of high-impact decisions each year. Historically, time-consuming manual efforts have been employed in decision support to gather and correlate information, conduct cost effectiveness and risk assessments, and present alternatives to decision makers. Innovative Decisions, Inc. (IDI) has a proven track record of implementing decision support and is now offering an innovative, data-driven decision support solution built on MarkLogic. This solution accelerates decision-making, mitigates risk, and advances adaptability to changing conditions over time.
Congratulations to Marianne Myers, Brent Perry, Sheila Stewart and Ken McCaleb for their victory at the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (Di2E) Plugfest. They represented DCGS-SOF during "Operation Upshot Mashup," aiming at creating a cloud-based set of services to take field intelligence and send it to be translated, analyzed, and summarized and ultimately made searchable by the enterprise.
Increasingly, post-attack investigations of acts of extremism -- whether committed by homegrown or transnational extremists -- are beginning to reveal data strategy shortcomings that impact threat management and the screening processes. These limitations slow down the ability of agencies whether at the country or regional level, to quickly evolve and adjust to shifting threats. Here are the four most pressing challenges.
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