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The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) is having a massive impact on all sectors, including the insurance and financial services markets. Given the large volumes of data that insurance companies have to process, these companies should be amongst the first to take advantage of AI. However, many of these companies are failing to take advantage of these gains due to inefficiently use of data.
Congratulations to Marianne Myers, Brent Perry, Sheila Stewart and Ken McCaleb for their victory at the Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (Di2E) Plugfest. They represented DCGS-SOF during "Operation Upshot Mashup," aiming at creating a cloud-based set of services to take field intelligence and send it to be translated, analyzed, and summarized and ultimately made searchable by the enterprise.
Increasingly, post-attack investigations of acts of extremism -- whether committed by homegrown or transnational extremists -- are beginning to reveal data strategy shortcomings that impact threat management and the screening processes. These limitations slow down the ability of agencies whether at the country or regional level, to quickly evolve and adjust to shifting threats. Here are the four most pressing challenges.
Complex manual transformation operations are draining budgets by needing to mobilize IT resources to make sense of existing data instead of delivering insights to decisions makers. Here's how a semantic layer allowed the harnessing of knowledge -- as well as data.
We had a fantastic time at GEOINT last week! The GEOINT Symposium is the biggest intelligence event of the year, attracting the participation of representatives from Government, technology vendors, and systems integrators. MarkLogic was not only an Exhibitor at the event, but our Scott Stafford participated in the Lightning Talk panel entitled “Lighting the Path […]
The GEOINT Symposium is the preeminent event for the defense, intelligence, and homeland security communities. This year GEOINT celebrates its 10 year anniversary, and MarkLogic is present in force down in Tampa to show how Enterprise NoSQL is making difference today in the community. At the symposium, MarkLogic is demonstrating our latest innovation in the […]
I want to ask you a question and I want you to really consider it. Prepare yourself . . . Ready? Here it is: Who is smarter? A Chimpanzee or a Dog? If you picked the dog, raise your hand. What? Nobody? Even the dog owners out there, you betrayed your best friend? Well yes, […]
At the Esri Federal GIS Conference, MarkLogic demonstrated the interoperability between Esri’s ArcGIS and an Object Based Production (OBP) data model, utilizing MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database platform. The integration allows GIS users to fuse and correlate geospatial features with multi-INT data objects including imagery, full motion video, finished intelligence reports, open source intelligence, and other […]
Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to attend a keynote by JP Rangaswami at a Tableau conference. JP is the Chief Scientist at as well as a highly respected blogger, author and technologist. JP borrowed from his 2012 TED talk and suggested we think about information as you would about food. The premise […]
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