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Manufacturers are in the throes of the 4th industrial revolution – interconnecting physical worlds with digital ones. How might businesses be impacted?
Recent global research by MIT's Sloan Center for Information Systems Research found that firms that "share business technology across units and departments grow faster and have lower costs than rivals that don't do it as much. By taking advantage of what they already do well, these firms can devote more energy to real innovations." And this is exactly what insurance companies are struggling with – bringing new products to market and catching up with digitally-demanding consumers.

Here are the most popular blogs from 2016 for Financial Services and Insurance. Happy Reading!
I recently attended Gartner Symposium to learn more about the challenges Senior IT leaders are facing today as well as some innovative approaches for solving them. One particular topic that captured my interest was that of simplifying data strategies in highly-regulated industries. So, I caught up with Bill Fox, VP, Healthcare & Life Sciences, to ask him to expound upon the challenges he addressed in his presentation, "Accelerating Innovation by Breaking Down Data Silos."
We asked a diverse group of healthcare execs how they would allocate budgets on various data initiatives. Here are the results.
Government and industry experts alike joined together this month at the 2016 Data Innovation Summit in Washington D.C. to discuss open data, dark data, project leadership, and the need for simplified data integration to discover and share information at mission speed.
In these days, it is common for one organization to manage multiple websites, making it difficult for visitors to find information that is spread across multiple sites. Read this blog to learn how we utilized MarkLogic to build a master data hub to
Infographic: Whether its face-to-face visits or clinical narratives in the cloud, M*Modal fully leverages MarkLogic's agile new generation database technology to improve the satisfaction of both physicians and patients alike .
The portmanteau of hack and marathon, "hackathons" are events where teams of developers, designers and project managers collaborate and solve challenges. NBC Universal uses the hackathon to spawn R&D, using a short-list of preferred vendors to see what ideas can emerge after 24-36 hours over a weekend. It's competitive -- but everyone's a winner.
Today’s has come a long way from the cost sinkhole many predicted it would become. Running on some of the most modern database technology in government, the federal health insurance marketplace has enabled 11.7 million Americans to choose coverage options that fit their budgets and lifestyles. But getting there was anything but easy. Innovative thinking and a willingness to adopt new technology were crucial to its success.
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