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Evidence continues to build that today’s data challenges – and tomorrow’s – will not be solved with yesterday’s solutions – traditional relational databases. And Hadoop is not enough. Find out why.
If you already have a Hadoop investment -- and found security and governance and the solution itself lacking -- we have good news. An operational data hub will enhance the value of the Hadoop ecosystem by providing operational capabilities along with the Enterprise features, needed for a mature data strategy.
Research organization TDWI recently published an online survey and assessment guide to help organizations determine how ready they are to adopt and implement Hadoop. In the past few years, the number of organizations using Hadoop—or contemplating using it—has grown astronomically. Each organization has common questions about whether they are really ready to implement Hadoop, and […]
“Thru 2018, 70 percent of Hadoop deployments will not meet cost savings and revenue generation objectives due to skills and integration challenges.”  – Nick Heudecker, Gartner Analyst A Gartner research report on Apache Hadoop found that 46 percent of companies surveyed plan Hadoop investments, marking a slow but steady adoption. However, there are still questions […]
I met with a friend of mine the other day who, when it comes technology subjects, I like to say – “she knows enough to be dangerous.” During our lunch she asked me about Hadoop and if I could explain it to her because in her mind it was like teenage sex – “everyone is […]
“Should we go open source or proprietary?” That oft-repeated question is actually not so black and white—and like most things in life there is a whole lot of grey. Today, open source is usually not purely open source. And, die-hard proprietary software companies are today buying open source companies and running their own open source […]
For more content related to this post, check out two talks given at MarkLogic World in San Francisco: Mixing Analytic and Operational Workloads by Aaron Rosenbaum, Senior Director of Product Strategy; and, Data Governance in Regulated Industries by Amir Halfon, CTO of Worldwide Financial Services. You can follow them on Twitter at @arosenbaum and @amirhalfon. […]
The following blog pulls together thoughts expressed by my fellow colleagues, Charles Greer, John Snelson, Stephen Buxton and Philip Fennell during MarkLogic World. LinkedIn is the “World’s largest professional network.” It also has some great apps that others covet: “People You May Know”, faceted search, InMail messaging system, and the analytics they run via Hadoop […]
After hearing that MarkLogic has been around since 2001, people coming by our booth at the Strata Conference in Santa Clara couldn’t help but wonder how on earth they didn’t know about this database that can do so much. It’s because we were NoSQL before NoSQL was cool… so now that it is cool, MarkLogic […]
Hello DB-Engines, I was just looking at your MarkLogic listing, and wanted to make you aware that there are actually three ways in which MarkLogic supports MapReduce: 1.       Our Hadoop connector allows customers to run Hadoop MapReduce jobs on data in MarkLogic. Doing this can be much faster and more secure than running Hadoop MapReduce […]
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