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I did a webinar a couple of weeks ago on Metadata is the New Gold!  It was a great conversation with Brian Cross from Condé Nast, whose team is pushing the boundaries of tagging using crowd sourcing; Mike Green from Avalon, whose comprehensive work in the entertainment space on metadata has left no stone unturned in […]
Last week I was one of a reported 1.7 million Americans who watched team USA survive the group of death and advance to the elimination round without using a TV, cable box or antenna. I live streamed the game and participated in one of the biggest shifts in the media landscape: mass media being rapidly […]
Earlier this month Public Editor piece Margaret Sullivan, The New York Times omsbudsman weighed in on the issue of the Times ‘going digital.’ She covered the leaked internal document lamenting the lack of ‘getting it’ at the NYT, the continuing changing economics of the news business and a pervasive feeling that all you have to […]
Bringing in a new technology requires a workplace evolution — that if done carefully, avoids the revolution! My work in Consulting at MarkLogic brings me into daily contact with our customers, so I’m often asked for the “real” scoop on how each uses our product – -and lessons that can be learned. Over the next several […]
A recent Business Insider report tries to make a horsey race out of HTML5 vs Native Apps on mobile devices. And really, it is a silly argument. All of its “evidence,” which points to HTML5 as the “winner,” is based on the fact that HTML5 is more FREEly accessible and that there are no cumbersome […]
A little-known fact about the New York Summit last month: The keynote was actually given by a would-be assassin of MarkLogic. Mike Bowers, lead engineer at The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (LDS), had been tasked with an initiative that would “kill” MarkLogic. With precise methodology, he installed MarkLogic’s enterprise NoSQL server in […]
The Olympics are a dream and a destination – a culmination of years’ worth of planning, hard work, and dedication that plays on a world stage. As London hosted the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the British Broadcasting Corporation was the host of coverage – and it wanted its online experience to be as dramatic as […]
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