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From billion-dollar acquisition programs to national security strategies, federal agencies make hundreds of high-impact decisions each year. Historically, time-consuming manual efforts have been employed in decision support to gather and correlate information, conduct cost effectiveness and risk assessments, and present alternatives to decision makers. Innovative Decisions, Inc. (IDI) has a proven track record of implementing decision support and is now offering an innovative, data-driven decision support solution built on MarkLogic. This solution accelerates decision-making, mitigates risk, and advances adaptability to changing conditions over time.
This is part 2 of our series on analytics and time series data in MarkLogic. The images shown are from a partner’s application, called Epinomy, which has been loaded with economic indicators data. Epinomy was built on MarkLogic and takes advantage of our support for both a document database and triple store. Query Expansion In part […]
Welcome to 2015! The New Year is a time to take stock of lessons learned in previous years and plan for the future; perfect to evaluate what is working well and not so well — in life and business. Understanding the past and trying to predict the future is what analytics is all about. Sometimes with […]
Decision Support is an organizational process that gathers and analyzes stakeholder inputs, raw data and, now, documents to support major decision-making.  As unstructured data volumes have proliferated in recent years, attempts to use existing tools to systematically harvest and correlate information that could be insightful has not been fruitful.  Whether rigid or reactive, manually intensive […]
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