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March 14, 2018
We asked four experts which tasks they thought caused the biggest burdens and not surprisingly know your data and data mapping were on the list. See what else they said. Do you agree?
In healthcare, change is the constant you can count on. MarkLogic can show you how to build upon a solid foundation that empowers you to quickly pivot to meet the unknown challenges of tomorrow. MarkLogic will be joining NTT at HIMSS this year, so be sure to visit us in booth #2116.
October 31, 2017
Data needs to serve Business Requirements not the other way around. When dealing with disparate data from a multitude of sources, Agile Modeling is a new approach that works better than relational modeling. Technologists need to learn it -- even if it's outside their comfort zones.
The best database for XML? an XML database! See why these top four industries are embracing the best XML database that handles JSON, text and RDF too!
We’re  a few weeks into open enrollment 2016 and millions of Americans are shopping healthcare plans and finding affordable care through MarkLogic is grateful to continue to play a crucial role in the success of – one of the healthcare world’s most ambitious operational data integration projects. The infographic below illustrates the immense data challenges that were successfully met by MarkLogic […]
Relational databases have resulted in accidental complexity that keeps most organizations spinning in circles. Organizations simply cannot keep up with the many shapes, sizes, and types data that are quickly growing in volume and changing. In the previous post, I discussed why today’s dynamic, constantly changing data is a problem for relational databases. In this […]
Today, change occurs frequently, and data modeling is a huge challenge because of the time and resources that relational databases require. Unfortunately, when using a relational database, even a simple change like adding or replacing a column in a table might be a million dollar task. From CIOs to developers, everyone is realizing that relational […]
When was launched in 2013, it was one of the most ambitious data integration projects ever undertaken. As millions of Americans shopped for health insurance, they needed to check their eligibility against dozens of federal and commercial sources.   This all-important information was provided by various state and federal agencies, as well as private […]
My wife and I had to go to a wedding in Chicago the first weekend of 2015.  We were fortunate enough to get an earlier flight out and miss all of the fun snow that was just starting to hit – whew!  However, we weren’t so fortunate to not have our luggage lost in the […]
As a MarkLogic newbie, I became curious after happening upon an article on that attempts to diminish the value differentiators of a schema-agnostic database. In the post, the author asserts “there’s absolutely nothing that is really easier with ‘schemaless’ databases than with ‘schemaful’ ones.” Say what!? This must be crazy talk, I think to myself, […]
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