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Last week I was one of a reported 1.7 million Americans who watched team USA survive the group of death and advance to the elimination round without using a TV, cable box or antenna. I live streamed the game and participated in one of the biggest shifts in the media landscape: mass media being rapidly […]
Earlier this month Public Editor piece Margaret Sullivan, The New York Times omsbudsman weighed in on the issue of the Times ‘going digital.’ She covered the leaked internal document lamenting the lack of ‘getting it’ at the NYT, the continuing changing economics of the news business and a pervasive feeling that all you have to […]
Who Likes Food? I know I do. That’s why the announcement of America’s Test Kitchen as one of MarkLogic’s newest customers is especially exciting to me. I get jazzed about all new customers, but this one in particular makes me salivate. Just its Twitter page alone makes my stomach start to growl. America’s Test Kitchen […]
This post is a snapshot of the talk given at MarkLogic World, titled, “Planning for Growth with and without Performance Metering,” given by David Sewell, Editorial and Technical Manager for University of Virginia Press, with support from Tim Finney, Lead Programmer out of Perth, Australia. MarkLogic is great for large enterprises running large applications, but […]
Several of the MarkLogic Media customers I work with are creating Learning Management Systems (LMSs) this year, yet they are not actually in the Education Publishing business. They haven’t built their companies on Algebra I. No, they’ve been publishing manufacturing standards, or cookbooks, or management training manuals –information that demonstrably curious people (their subscribers) really […]
Bringing in a new technology requires a workplace evolution — that if done carefully, avoids the revolution! My work in Consulting at MarkLogic brings me into daily contact with our customers, so I’m often asked for the “real” scoop on how each uses our product – -and lessons that can be learned. Over the next several […]
I started in digital publishing at the onset — when you had no choice but to go out and roll your own infrastructure. There simply were no other options. Building from scratch was long and arduous, but as most anyone of a certain age will tell you, across any industry, you have a deeper understanding […]
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