Gartner Cloud DBMS Report Names MarkLogic a Visionary

After four exacting months, its done: MarkLogic and StorageReview worked together to develop the first actual NoSQL environment to benchmark storage that clearly illustrates the benefits of flash coupled with the industry’s fastest interconnect. The dataset included the publicly- available Wikipedia XML collection because of the inclusion of multi-language and non-ASCII text. See which devices work best. The benchmark was run on a four node MarkLogic cluster driving extremely high I/O rates over Infiniband to the SSD device under test. Maximum ingestion rates were maintained to all four nodes in the face of continuous forest merge activity. Latencies were then measured to determine how the devices performed under this stressful load. The results? No real surprises

(hat tip to MarkLogic’s Lead Performance Engineer Denis Sheahan for continuously re-writing scripts, changing up configurations and explaining all this to me.)

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