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Tom McGrath

Tom is a Technology Manager with 15 years of combined experience working with web, mobile, e-commerce, software as a service and business intelligence solutions. After working exclusively with relational technologies, Tom quickly made the transition to NoSQL with MarkLogic in March 2015 and enjoys showing others how to do the same.

Where did you grow up?

Evanston, IL

Where did (do) you go to school?

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Where was your favorite place you went on vacation?


Leverage the Samplestack Discovery App Github to quickly expose data in MarkLogic.
Part one of the 0 to 100 series — with inspiration from Drake Working with relational databases for a number of years, I had become quite attached to their well-defined organization, subsequent predictability, and reliability. Then I looked at NoSQL databases with both tree and graph structures. In studying the need for these additional types […]