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Paul Hoehne

Learn how to use these two, easy to "plug in" to MarkLogic, languages to build tools or scripts to simplify your MarkLogic work.
A car without effective brakes might be good for the drag strip, it isn’t good for driving your kids around. Is speed any reason to have a database that doesn't provide transactions?
How to use triples to store metadata about differences between documents.
Read about the ins and outs of schema agnosticism and it fits in the overall philosophy of MarkLogic, the leading NoSQL database.
There’s a growing interest in Microservices and Martin Fowler describes how microservice architecture is a particular way of “designing software applications as suites of independently deployable services.” The promise of microservices is it allows you to continuously increase the capabilities of your public site, or internal systems, by rolling out small, defined bits of functionality […]
On a recent internal mailing list, a debate occurred on the merits of various MVC frameworks, such as AngularJS and Ember. While I have an opinion on the matter, the debate is indicative that there is (and will be) a high degree of churn in the technologies used to render an application’s user interface, or […]