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Michael Malgeri

Michael Malgeri is a Principal Technologist with MarkLogic. He works with companies to match their business requirements with MarkLogic’s enterprise NoSQL database and semantic features. He helps organizations reduce costs, automate processes, find new opportunities and create applications that bring high value to businesses and their customers. Michael focuses on the media and entertainment industry, where content providers, distributors and related companies are seeking to leverage the power of data in order to capture new opportunities driven by expanding global information consumption.

Michael holds Master’s Degrees in Computer Science, Business and Mechanical Engineering. He's been a Certified Project Management Professional since 2011.

Learn why a multi-model platform is a better solution than a graph database for ensuring you can comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.
Trace through the journey (via use cases) from concept to consumer in the context of rapidly changing environments (business and technology) and vast amounts of data that is collected along the way, and how a data hub can help in that journey.
In this follow-up post, we use social media to improve recommendations from the semantics recommendation engine.
MarkLogic's triple store allows us to use custom inferencing rules, consumer profiles and dynamic behavior to build a simple, foundational, semantic recommendation engine.
MongoDB deficiencies have a measurable negative impact when developing applications in the context of an agile enterprise.
A recent global survey by Teradata probed the minds of marketers: 50% of markets say marketing and IT are not strategic partners 40% of marketers gave their department a grade of C or lower for using data to drive marketing 71% of marketers plan to implement a Big Data analytics solution in the next two […]