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Michaline Todd

Say you’re working on a project that calls for something specific, like a “one-quarter-inch slotted magnetic screwdriver.” But when you go to the website of a hardware chain and type that phrase into the search field, zero results appear. You sigh and search again, typing simply “screwdriver.” This time, 652 matches fill your screen. You […]
When was launched in 2013, it was one of the most ambitious data integration projects ever undertaken. As millions of Americans shopped for health insurance, they needed to check their eligibility against dozens of federal and commercial sources.   This all-important information was provided by various state and federal agencies, as well as private […]
This year, we’ve selected five organizations that have all succeeded at creating and deploying applications that transform their business or the way in which we think about data.
MarkLogic has over 10 years of Enterprise-grade security features built into our database platform. Unlike the providers that are just now delivering security, our Government-grade (better than Enterprise-grade), externally-validated security features are completely hardened, tested, and proven.
From the start, the NoSQL movement within the developer community has been grounded in the idea that there needed to be a different way of building applications that wasn’t boxed-in by the constraints of relational databases. Unfortunately, in their exuberance of being liberated from the chains of Oracle and Microsoft, DBA’s and purchasing departments, developers […]
Here’s a song we heard at a customer’s office last week… The Twelve Days of Big Data On the first data of Big Data my VP gave to me A deadline and guidelines budgetary On the second data of Big Data my Manager gave to me The goals and objectivity On the third data of […]