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Streamlining Enterprise Data Consumption We’re thrilled to announce the new Tableau Connector for MarkLogic, providing a fast, easy, real-time connection to full Tableau functionality, now available on Tableau’s connector extension gallery. It enables you to unearth the value in your data with MarkLogic’s integration, search, governance, and built-in curation capabilities and the dynamic visual analysis […]
MuleSoft provides a leading Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) to manage APIs. MarkLogic provides a leading Data Hub Platform to integrate and manage data. With MuleSoft and MarkLogic together, organizations get more value out of their data quicker than ever with a unified 360 view of their APIs and their data.
Speakers from MarkLogic will go over analytics trends and demo how to utilize MarkLogic’s Data Hub to integrate your data and how that powers both search-style and traditional BI tool analytics.
Model-based systems engineering gives manufactures more insight into systems that make up their products allowing for increased safety, cost savings, and overall business success.
MarkLogic is available at Docker Hub to make it easier than ever to deploy MarkLogic in containers. It’s fully supported by MarkLogic.
New to MarkLogic? We pulled the 5 best resources to explain MarkLogic -- including one that uses beer to explain the consistency and flexibility of NoSQL.