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Earlier this month Public Editor piece Margaret Sullivan, The New York Times omsbudsman weighed in on the issue of the Times ‘going digital.’ She covered the leaked internal document lamenting the lack of ‘getting it’ at the NYT, the continuing changing economics of the news business and a pervasive feeling that all you have to […]
I want to ask you a question and I want you to really consider it. Prepare yourself . . . Ready? Here it is: Who is smarter? A Chimpanzee or a Dog? If you picked the dog, raise your hand. What? Nobody? Even the dog owners out there, you betrayed your best friend? Well yes, […]
A couple of years ago I thought I would help out that “big syndicate up north” with its Christmas-gift operations. Wired had just run a big info graphic on what it would take to get the job done – > 34 million gifts, 3,148 home innovations per second, a team of 2.7 million people and […]
I recently came across this question from Yehuda-Daniel Korotkin in the NoSQL forum of Linkedin asking “Do you think it possible to make transactions in NoSQL?” I encounter this question in one form or another pretty much all the time and respondents usually steer the person to the many resources that show that, quite reasonably, […]
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