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There was some big news in the NoSQL world with the acquisition of FoundationDB by Apple. When Apple makes a move it always has an impact and this move was no exception. The first reaction was around what I like to think of as the perils of “faux-pen” source. Forbes chronicled the turmoil in the community in […]
A couple of weeks ago NBC broke new ground with its free, live stream of the Super Bowl. According to Chris Tribbey of MESAlliance, NBC made it the “biggest event online” with 2.5 million viewers going ‘over the top’ to watch the game online. Live-streaming is part of a bigger trend of people like you […]
Last December I signed up for the STM Association’s Innovations Seminar Flash Talk. It is one of the toughest presentation challenges out there: 20 slides with an auto advance feature showing each slide for 15 seconds. Designed to break up the usual 45 minute format of a conference, flash talks have the added benefit of […]
I recently heard a rumor that the big guy up north was making some big changes to how he does his big gift to kid matching algorithm. As we all know, Santa got NoSQL long ago, using the flexibility of the schema and matching to streamline one of the biggest problems in all of computing: […]
On our webinar “How Publishing Survived and Lived to Deliver Information Another Day” a couple of weeks ago, Diane Burley and I unveiled the Top 5 requirements for today’s information providers.  The information industries are undergoing continuous, radical change in how people consume and buy content. To react, publishers have shifted from a publisher creating a single form […]
I am now, apparently, the “metadata guy.”  In the middle of a great couple of weeks focusing on the role of metadata in the entertainment and information industries I had the honor to support the Women in Technology Hollywood (WiTH) at its luncheon in Century City along with my colleague Diane Burley. WiTH is actively addressing […]
Here at the Frankfurt Book Fair I’ve just seen one of my favorite sights – the Powered by MarkLogic logo! Its all over the Klopotek pavilion promoting The Rights, Licenses and Permissions Manager – its new MarkLogic-powered product. In the product announcement this week the Klopotek team proudly announced its shift from using ‘relational technology’ to using MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL. Its […]
We’re kicking off a week of activity here at the Frankfurt Book Fair. And right off the bat we are making news. First up is the welcome reception with our just-announced-today new partner: publishing industry software solutions provider Klopotek. With a rights management application being planned for release in early 2015, the firm needed to move […]
I did a webinar a couple of weeks ago on Metadata is the New Gold!  It was a great conversation with Brian Cross from Condé Nast, whose team is pushing the boundaries of tagging using crowd sourcing; Mike Green from Avalon, whose comprehensive work in the entertainment space on metadata has left no stone unturned in […]
Last week I was one of a reported 1.7 million Americans who watched team USA survive the group of death and advance to the elimination round without using a TV, cable box or antenna. I live streamed the game and participated in one of the biggest shifts in the media landscape: mass media being rapidly […]
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