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Ken Krupa

Can you believe it’s MarkLogic World time already? There’s a feeling of joy and goodwill in the air. Last year, we hit record attendance. More than a few locals decided to bring some friends along. Yes, it was that good of an event. This year we expect to do even better.
MarkLogic World 2017 kicked off last week in Chicago and—from its impactful keynotes to Second City improv—the event was a tremendous success. We expect participants to be equally educated and energized at our upcoming event in London, June 12-14. So if you've not yet registered, do so today! Here's why you won't want to miss this year's event ...
Learn how to reduce the cost of compliance and adapt to an ever-changing regulatory landscape.
KPMG's Digital Labor Solution that speeds customer onboarding wins ComputerWorld's 2016 Data+ Editors' Choice Award. Solution marries KPMG expertise -- with MarkLogic -- to allow banks to apply over 8,000 FATCA validation rules for every account via automation, improving quality far beyond what humans can achieve via manual processing.
It’s the holiday season and the decking of halls and trimming of trees has been in full swing for a while now.  And as many of us pause as the year winds down, thoughts of the new year are not too far behind.  For those of us in technology, this is especially fun, given how prone to […]
I remember the first time I wrote to a MySQL database. It was a simple JDBC program for test purposes, a bit more than Hello World but nonetheless designed to merely kick the tires of Java and JDBC, which were both relatively new at the time. With the Pet Store app not yet in existence, […]
For many Star Trek fans, the image of a crewmember interacting with the ship’s computer stands in stark contrast to how we interact with our computers today. While we have progressed by leaps and bounds in the field of human-to-computer interaction, including even natural language processing, we are still a ways away from the seamless […]