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Publishing is about content, not format. — Wendy Queen, Associate Director of Project Muse, Johns Hopkins University Press I first heard this quotation at an STM Group Innovation Day I attended in London in early December. The speaker was Sayeed Choudhury of the Data Conservancy at John Hopkins University and notes on his presentation were […]
Why Are STM Pubs Scared? Last month at Frankfurt Book Fair, David Worlock chaired a thought-provoking panel. The panelists were Dr Sven Fund, CEO of De Gruyter; Jason Markos, Director of Knowledge Management for Wiley; Andreas Blumauer, CEO of Semantic Web Company and Dr Timo Hannay, CEO of MacMillan Digital Science. David’s initial premise was […]
JP Rangaswami is the Chief Scientist at as well as a highly respected blogger, author and technologist. JP borrowed from his 2012 TED talk and suggested we think about information as you would about food.
MarkLogic’s customer base includes a large number of Not-For-Profit and membership-based organisations – Societies, Institutions and others. These companies are STM (Scientific, Technical & Medical) publishers but not commercial STM publishing organisations. They therefore share some similar challenges when it comes to information sharing and content publishing but they have a different set of priorities […]
“The Emperor: Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.” I attended the Henry Stewart DAM EU event last month in London to learn more about the DAM industry including vendors, practitioners, methodology and every other DAM thing you can think of. I was not to be disappointed as I came away far better informed than […]
Click here to find the true meaning behind the term ACID test. MarkLogic shows you one of the key elements behind our NoSQL database.
I joined MarkLogic 3 months ago and it is an exciting time to be selling the only Enterprise NOSQL database that manages “any-structured data” (including XML) with its ACID compliance, JSON, SQL and REST interfaces, HA and DR functionality – exciting that is once I can decipher the acronyms. More pertinently, understand the capabilities those […]